26 Schools Across the United States Awarded New Imagination Playground Classroom Block Sets

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

26 schools have been awarded a new Imagination Playground Classroom Block set for their kids to advance understanding in their classrooms. Imagination Playground is an innovative playground equipment program that transforms any space — schools, children’s museums, parks and recreation, daycare centers, camps, hospitals, churches — into a play space that encourages understanding, social development, movement, and above all exciting. Imagination Playground Classroom Blocks fit simply in a classroom or indoor play space. The 26 new Imagination Playground Classroom Block recipients are:


Bay City Academy | Bay City, Michigan                             &#13

Dothan Brook College | Junction, Vermont            &#13

West Vernon Elementary | Los Angeles, California                 &#13

Hinkletown Mennonite College | Ephrata, Pennsylvania        &#13

Londonderry College | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                     &#13

Early Childhood Studying Center | Irvine, California &#13

Woodland Elementary | Oakridge, Tennessee                 &#13

Aveson Charter College | Altadena, California                 &#13

Scotland Elementary | Scotland, South Dakota                 &#13

Eans Elementary | Austin, Texas                             &#13

Madison Consolidated Early Development Center | Madison, Indiana    &#13

St. Jerome Catholic College | Houston, Texas&#13

LCCC Childrens Learning Center | Elyria, Ohio&#13

Len Lastinger Principal College | Tifton, Georgia&#13

Spark Discovery Preschool | Frederick, Colorado&#13

Minnieland Academy at Westchester Commons | Midlothian, Virginia    &#13

Garrison Forest School | Owings Mills, Maryland    &#13

Central City Elementary School | Central City, Kentucky    &#13

Mast Community Charter School | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    &#13

The Finding out Garden | Medina, Ohio    &#13

Grace Prep Academy | Arlington, Texas&#13

Manley Elementary College | Morristown, Tennessee&#13

Tupelo Public Schools | Tupelo, Mississippi&#13

Grizzly Hill School | Nevada City, California&#13

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools | Cleveland, Ohio &#13

Reading Edge Academy | Debary, Florida


The awarded schools will pilot their sets and test a range of curriculum with the blocks to help their students learn. “We adopted the common core standards lately and a single of the issues we have been lacking is the suitable tools to see how geometry applies to actual life. I researched various blocks to see how I could teach that, and I came across Imagination Playground. It was a far more life–sized, genuine and amazing way to see how geometry fits in the structural engineering portion of our globe,” stated Kimberly Halbruner, Educator and Math Coach at Len Lastinger Principal School. This offers a possibility for revolutionary educators to use their Imagination Playground Classroom Blocks to help youngsters discover needed subjects, and to also enable them free play.


“There were 26 clear winners, and over three,000 nominations for an Imagination Playground Classroom Block Set. Congratulations to all who nominated for recognizing the significance of play. We will continue to reward organizations on the top edge of youngster improvement by way of play.” Dave Krishock, President of Imagination Playground stated in in response to every person efforts. The Imagination Playground Classroom Block Awarded will provide innovative educators a opportunity to help children learn necessary subjects, although enabling open-ended cost-free play.


About Imagination Playground, LLC&#13

Imagination Playground is a breakthrough play space notion developed to encourage kid-directed, inventive totally free play. The kind of play that professionals say is vital to children’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional improvement. Designed by architect and designer David Rockwell and the Rockwell Group, Imagination Playground enables youngsters to play, dream, build and discover endless possibilities. Imagination Playground finds its residence in daycare centers, kindergartens, elementary schools, children’s museums–and science, nature, discovery centers, camps, neighborhood centers, children’s hospitals, public parks and more–in North America and over 50 nations overseas. For more info, check out http://www.imaginationplayground.com



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