Varian Medical Systems Announces Intention to Obtain MeVis Health-related 

Varian Medical Systems Announces Intention to Acquire MeVis Healthcare
The acquisition would also contain the proprietary MeVisLab™ software platform, a study and development atmosphere facilitating the effective realization of tailored computer software options making use of a rapid prototyping method. MeVis software program for breast …
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China touts new weapon platforms, transparency
&quotA series of &#39big moves&#39 have stunned all people with the truth that China had made speedy progress in upgrading weapons and equipment and also tremendously increased its military transparency,&quot stated China Military Online, a news internet site . &quotIn current years, the …

Turbines of the year — Offshore turbines
The prototype was installed in September 2014 in China with Aerodyn-created main elements, including gearbox, PMG and blades. … This makes it possible for the rotor to yaw freely and comply with speedy wind path adjustments with minimised structural loading. Optional&nbsp…
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