Stencil metal stamping assembly

A stencil stamp assembly getting a comparatively little size, high ink holding capacity, outstanding metal stamping durability and is capable of metal stamping images getting a high print high quality. The stencil stamp involves a handgrip and a stencil stamp assembly.

The stencil stamp assembly includes an ink bearing member covered with a thermal stencil sheet. The thermal stencil sheet has a plurality of pores on holes arranged in a pattern. In the course of a metal stamping action, ink from the ink bearing member is forced by way of the pores in the stencil sheet and onto a recording sheet to kind a stamped image on the recording sheet.

The ink bearing member has at least two layers obtaining various densities. The significantly less dense layer is in speak to with the thermal stencil sheet. The least dense layer provides a huge ink storage capacity. The far more dense layer has a larger ink holding capacity, which reduces the possible for ink leakage. The a lot more dense layer is also a lot more firm, which reduces creasing and distortion of the stencil sheet each in the course of metal stamping and throughout formation of the pore pattern in the stencil sheet.

Stamps provided with a rubber metal stamping member have been employed for metal stamping the surface of a recording sheet with organization names, addresses and the like in character strings. Normally, stamps for such uses are made individually, to order. As a outcome, the stamps are comparatively costly, and it needs a fairly lengthy time to procure a stamp soon after placing an order.

A thermal stencil sheet has been practically employed on such stamps rather of a rubber metal stamping member. Pores can be formed in a desired pattern in a thermal stencil sheet with infrared beams or a thermal head. Character strings, patterns and/or marks can be printed on a recording sheet by pressing ink through the pores of the stencil sheet, onto the recording sheet.

A stencil stamp assembly comprising, as principal components, the aforesaid thermal stencil sheet and an ink-bearing member impregnated with ink is disclosed in Japanese Utility Model Laid-open publication No. Hei five-74833. This previously proposed stencil stamp assembly is capable of replacing standard stamps provided with a rubber metal stamping member.

This stencil stamp assembly is fabricated by adhesively attaching an ink-bearing member impregnated with ink to a frame surrounding the ink-bearing member, and adhesively attaching a thermal stencil sheet to the frame.

When making use of the stencil stamp assembly on a metal stamping device, the stencil stamp assembly is adhesively attached to a cushion member on a decrease surface of a base of the metal stamping device. The metal stamping device is provided with a handgrip. Character strings or the like are formed in a desired pattern in the thermal stencil sheet with infrared beams or a thermal head. The resulting metal stamping device is capable of printing several copies of the desired pattern or character strings on a recording sheet.

In this metal stamping device, pores can be formed in the thermal stencil tape in any preferred pattern since the metal stamping unit includes a provide of blank thermal stencil tape, and the thermal pore forming unit is capable of forming pores in the metal stamping member in a desired pattern input by the user. In addition, the metal stamping member require not be inked by an external inking device since ink is applied automatically to the metal stamping member by the ink-bearing member incorporated in the metal stamping unit.

Right after a specific quantity of ink has been consumed during metal stamping, the rate of supply of ink to the metal stamping plane decreases. Even when the ink-bearing member nevertheless consists of a considerable quantity of ink, the ink is employed inefficiently. As a outcome, the stencil metal stamping assembly should be replaced just before all ink has been utilized, and the expense of using a stencil stamp is fairly higher.

An object of the present invention is to provide a stencil metal stamping assembly getting a miniaturized construction, higher ink holding capacity, high metal stamping durability, and that is capable of high-good quality metal stamping.

With the foregoing object in view, the present invention is directed to a stencil metal stamping assembly obtaining a base member connectable to a handgrip, an ink-bearing member impregnated with ink and fixed to a decrease surface of the base member, and a thermal stencil sheet covering a lower surface of the ink-bearing member and forming a metal stamping element. The ink-bearing member has a laminated structure comprising at least two layers, every single layer obtaining a distinct density. The layer getting a higher density may possibly be nearer to the thermal stencil sheet than the layer obtaining a decrease density.

The layer of the ink-bearing member possessing a reduce density is capable of holding a reasonably large amount of ink to give higher metal stamping durability for the stencil stamp assembly. The layer possessing a larger density has a reasonably high ink holding capacity and is capable of preventing leakage of the ink. Furthermore, because ink is transferred continuously from the low density layer to the high density layer by capillary action, the higher density layer will not run quick of ink. In addition, because the high density layer is comparatively rigid, the higher density layer withstands metal stamping pressure and is capable of preventing creasing and the bending of the thermal stencil sheet.

As is apparent from the foregoing description, a stencil stamp assembly embodying the present invention has a comparatively small size, and is provided with an ink-bearing member getting a higher ink holding capacity. In addition, simply because the lower portion of the ink-bearing member is relatively firm, the stamp assembly permits for hugely correct pore formation. Because pores can be formed with great accuracy, the stamp is capable of forming metal stamping patterns obtaining high print top quality. The stencil stamp also has excellent metal stamping durability. Due to the fact troubles attributable to ink, such as ink leakage, can be solved by varying the traits of the ink-bearing member, the metal stamping unit could utilize an ink possessing a comparatively low viscosity, and numerous embodiments of the stencil stamp assembly can be created to satisfy unique user demands.

Once pores are formed in a preferred pattern in the thermal stencil sheet, the metal stamping element is pressed against the surface of a recording sheet. Ink held by the ink-bearing member is pressed out by way of the pores and onto the recording sheet to type the desired pattern on the recording sheet. is a Manufacturer and suppliers of shower drain, sheet metal stamping, metal stamping, Gear components by OEM/ODM service with diversified schemes.


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