Space Exploration Deutsches Museum

A few nice precision engineering elements photos I discovered:

Space Exploration Deutsches Museum

Image by brewbooks
A-4 (V2) Rakete Steurung
A4 (V2) Rocket Control Technique

V-two Rocket (from Wikipedia)

My impression of the A-4 as a student of the history of technology
As in several other technical locations, the most advanced technologies are developed initially for destructive indicates. The A4 was the first true rocket and the technologies (and the engineers building it) went on to pioneer the American space program and play essential roles in the Russian space development as effectively. In the history of technology this was a pioneering effort – and like significantly of the other war technology developed by Germany, United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Russia – it was applied to increase the course of man sooner or later.

From the Deutsches Museum Display
Die Steurung der A-four Rakete musste in ihrer Antreibsbahn sehr präzise erfolgen.
Guiding the A-four rocket on it really is course needed great precision.

Dies gesach automatisch durch Verwendung einer Tragheitslenkung.

It was controlled automatically by an inertial steering mechanism.

Ihre Entwicklung bedeuete eine weitere Pionierleistung.
It really is improvement signifies however one more pioneering feat.

(brewbooks note – following is my poor translation)
Die A4 besass vier Ruder am Ende der Flossen
The A4 had 4 rudders at the finish of the fins.

Elements of A4 Rocket Handle Technique (from diagram)
Ortungssystem und Steursignalerrechung
Bearing Method and Manage Signal Calculation

i061706 144

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