Chevrolet&#39s 2016 Models: Targeting Excellence Worldwide

Chevrolet&#39s 2016 Models: Targeting Excellence Worldwide
Fifty prototypes have already been created, and testing has begun at the Milford test track in Michigan. Far more than 1,000 engineers are functioning on Bolt improvement. … Now that its products are for sale worldwide, they are getting conceived in ten style …
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Google (GOOGL) Starts Road Tests for Self-Driving Cars – Analyst Blog
The new prototype cars, assembled by auto supplier Roush Industries in Detroit, use the exact same software on which its existing self-driving Lexus RX450h sport utility vehicles run. So far, Google has only constructed 25 autos all of which have received …
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Why Crytek believes virtual reality is the next frontier
The organization reportedly place 50 individuals functioning on VR and has been displaying demos of &#39Robinson&#39 with a single of the most recent Oculus Rift prototypes. David Bowman, who serves as director of production at Crytek, believes virtual reality will hit it large simply because of …
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