Resonant Releases White Paper Titled, “Radically Minimizing the Expense and Size 

Resonant Releases White Paper Titled, “Radically Reducing the Cost and Size
Although our key efficiency metrics for the Resonant Designed Band 3 Duplexer are compelling, we believe the power of ISN will drive a change in the market beginning with the advent of our tunable filter, scheduled for prototype by the finish of 2015 …
Study a lot more on MarketWatch

Startup brings nonstick coating to customer goods packaging
Keeping bottles clean, Varanasi adds, could also drastically cut the use of water and power, as well as the costs related with rinsing bottles ahead of recycling. “It has large prospective in terms of vital sustainability,” he says. Varanasi says …
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A visual tour of Ford&#39s investigation center, total with eBikes and clutch hubs
Earlier this week, Ford said it would be partnering with 3D printing organization Carbon3D for speedy prototyping. Ellen Lee, Ford&#39s group leader for Additive Manufacturing Investigation, told us that 3D printing can be used to generate structures with a latticed …
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