Latest Die Casting China News

Action Star Donnie Yen Reportedly Joins &#39Episode VIII&#39 Cast
According to an post on Singapore-primarily based newspaper The Straits Times, which cites a Hong Kong newspaper referred to as Apple Daily, the film has cast Hong Kong action icon Donnie Yen in the film as “a Chinese Jedi.” Yen&#39s character … Possibly the biggest …
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Chinese elements in Hollywood films
Kung fu superstar Bruce Lee was maybe the very first Chinese face Hollywood familiarised itself with. Action stars Jackie Chan, Chow Yun-fat and Jet Lee followed his footsteps, but for a long period of time, it seemed like all Chinese actors who got roles …

The go-to junior for a tightening zinc market place
About 17% of zinc demand comes from zinc-based alloys that support the die casting business. From bathroom … What we do know is that China desires to reduce its pollution issues, but to what extent this work slows down mining is anyone&#39s guess …
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