MassMEP and UMass Lowell to Expand Coaching in Massachusetts

CNC Turning Center

Image by spangineer
A little CNC turning center, in the Leonhard Constructing at Penn State.

On Wikimedia Commons

MassMEP and UMass Lowell to Expand Training in Massachusetts
The Sophisticated CNC Instruction Program is a manufacturing certification system that adds value and merit to the sector to encourage men and women to contemplate careers in manufacturing. The program also creates a regular instruction set and constantly&nbsp…
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Beauty on the inside –
It would not surprise me if the same cutting machine we utilised for wetsuits is utilised for cutting carbon fiber out of a sheet (although these can also be reduce by CNC machines, the patterns programmed in, and alternatively of blades the reduce may be carried out by water …
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Wood that wows: Partisan&#39s Bar Raval is a ravalation
I wasn&#39t going to write about Bar Raval, created by Partisans, till I had been in a position to go there and see it. Even so it is so well-liked that it is difficult to get in, and it just won the AIA R&ampD award, so I am writing it now, even although I know it shouldn&#39t …
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