Latest High Precision Engineering News

Meet the Marshall London: Amp Maker Introduces Phone for Music Lovers
The London is an Android Lollipop phone custom-fitted for music lovers, with a processor for high-resolution audio (like uncompressed FLAC files), headphone jacks constructed into it, Marshall Mode earbuds, a button that fires up the phone&#39s music UI, a …
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A Glimpse at Autodesk&#39s Robotics Lab of the Future &gt
They are also functioning on software program that will enable Castor and Pollux, two of their robots, to work in simultaneous collaboration with higher precision. Even though commercial adoption of these developments are not extensively available but, the lab&#39s integration of …
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Inkjet printing equipment for organic LED mass production | SPIE Newsroom: SPIE
Inkjet was a logical candidate since this technology can deliver hugely scalable, pattern-smart precision deposition of organic thin films with high material efficiency. Generating inkjet successful, nevertheless, requires very good inkjet gear and excellent …
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