San Diego, CA

A couple of good die casting china pictures I discovered:

San Diego, CA

Image by Herb@Victoria
foreground V-J Day in Occasions Square statue
background USS Midway (CV-41)

In 2005, John Seward Johnson II displayed a bronze life-size sculpture, Unconditional Surrender, at an August 14, 2005 sixtieth-anniversary reenactment at Occasions Square of the occasion made popular in Eisenstaedt’s photograph. His statue was featured in a ceremony that included Edith Shain, shown holding a copy of the photograph, and George Mendonça as participants. Shain refused to let him to kiss her in the very same style as in the image, however. Johnson also sculpted 25 feet (7.6 m)-tall versions in plastic and aluminum, which have been displayed in numerous cities, such as San Diego (right) and Sarasota.

In the 2009 film, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, a life-size blow-up of the photograph plays an crucial part when characters Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) and Amelia Earhart (Amy Adams) escape pursuers by jumping into it and emerging in a monochrome 1945 Instances Square, and losing a cell phone, which catches the consideration of one of the background sailors, played by actor Jay Baruchel.

The picture is parodied in the 2009 film, Watchmen which depicts alternate history versions of iconic moments in American history. During the opening credits, The Silhouette, a female &quotcostumed hero&quot, replaces the sailor in the well-known image following coming upon the nurse in Instances Square for the duration of the VJ Day celebrations. In a later scene, the pair are identified brutally murdered.

In the 2010 film, Letters to Juliet, the Eisenstaedt photograph is featured in a scene where an editor of the New Yorker concerns Sophie about her fact-checking (her job there) of the image as if it would be published in that magazine as a full-page function. He queries her closely about whether the photograph was staged and most importantly no matter whether it really was &quotspontaneous and romantic.&quot Sophie gives him a number of pieces of information obtained from a sailor in the background of the photograph. She assures the editor that all of these details have been thoroughly checked and identified to be right, so he need have no concern.

The kiss was parodied in the The Simpsons episode, ‘Bart the General’. As celebrations ensue following victory for Bart in a battle against the school bully, a young boy dressed as a sailor kisses Lisa as a photograph is taken. Soon after the photo is taken, Lisa rebukes the boy, telling him to ‘knock it off’ and slapping him round the face.

Midway, Coral Sea (CV-43), Hancock (CV-19), Enterprise (CVN-65) and Okinawa (LPH-three) responded 19 April 1975 to the waters off South Vietnam when North Vietnam overran two-thirds of South Vietnam. Ten days later, Operation Frequent Wind was carried out by U.S. 7th Fleet forces. In the course of this operation, Midway had off loaded fifty percent of her standard combat air wing at NS Subic Bay, Philippines. She steamed to Thailand and embarked eight 21st Special Operations Squadron CH-53 and two 40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron HH-53[three] helicopters for the goal of ferrying men and women from Saigon out to the fleet cruising in the South China Sea. Hundreds of U.S. personnel and Vietnamese were evacuated to waiting ships right after the fall of Saigon to the North Vietnamese.

On 29 April 1975, South Vietnamese Air Force Major Bung-Ly loaded his wife and 5 children into a two-seat Cessna O-1 Bird Dog and took off from Con Son Island. Soon after evading enemy ground fire Significant Bung-Ly headed out to sea and spotted the USS Midway. The Midway’s crew attempted to make contact with the aircraft on emergency frequencies but the pilot continued to circle overhead with his landing lights turned on. When a spotter reported that there have been at least four men and women in the two-location aircraft, all thoughts of forcing the pilot to ditch alongside were abandoned – it was unlikely the passengers of the overloaded Bird Dog could survive the ditching and safely egress ahead of the plane sank. Right after three tries, Key Bung-Ly managed to drop a note from a low pass over the deck: &quotCan you move the helicopter to the other side, I can land on your runway, I can fly for 1 hour more, we have enough time to move. Please rescue me! Main Bung (Ly), wife and five kid.&quot Rear Admiral Larry Chambers (then Captain) ordered that the arresting wires be removed and that any helicopters that could not be safely and speedily be relocated must be pushed more than the side. To get the job completed he called for volunteers, and quickly every single obtainable seaman was on deck, regardless of rank or duty, to supply the manpower to get the job done. million (US currency) worth of UH-1 Huey helicopters have been pushed overboard into the South China Sea. With a 500-foot ceiling, five miles visibility, light rain, and 15 knots of surface wind, Chambers ordered the Midway to make 25 knots into the wind. Warnings about the hazardous downdrafts developed behind a steaming carrier had been transmitted blind in both Vietnamese and English. To make matters worse, five extra UH-1s landed and cluttered up the deck. With out hesitation, Chambers ordered them scuttled as nicely. Captain Chambers recalled in an report in the Fall 1993 problem of the national Museum of Aviation History’s &quotFoundation&quot magazine that &quot…the aircraft cleared the ramp and touched down on center line at the regular touchdown point. Had he been equipped with a tailhook he could have bagged a number three wire. He bounced once and came stop abeam of the island, amid a wildly cheering, arms-waving flight deck crew.&quot Significant Ly was escorted to the bridge where Captain Chambers congratulated him on his outstanding airmanship and his bravery in risking everything on a gamble beyond the point of no return with out being aware of for certain a carrier would be where he needed it. The crew of the Midway was so impressed that they established a fund to aid him and his family members get settled in the United States.[4] The Bird Dog that Key Bung-Ly landed is now on show at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.[five]

Upon completion of ferrying folks to other ships, she returned to Thailand and disembarked the Air Force helicopters. The CH-53s then airlifted over 50 South Vietnamese Air Force aircraft to the ship. With practically one hundred helicopters and aircraft of the former South Vietnamese Air Force aboard, she steamed to Guam exactly where the aircraft and helicopters have been off loaded in twenty-4 hours. On her way back to the Philippines to pick up her air wing she was rerouted to act as a floating airfield in help of specific operation forces rescuing a pirated cargo ship (see Mayagüez incident). She picked up her normal air wing once more a month later when she returned NAS Cubi Point, Philippines.

On 21 August 1976, a Navy process force headed by Midway made a show of force off the coast of Korea in response to an unprovoked attack on two U.S. Army officers who had been killed by North Korean guards on 18 August. (The U.S. response to this incident was Operation Paul Bunyan). Midway’s response was in help of a U.S. demonstration of military concern vis-à-vis North Korea.

Midway relieved Constellation (CV-64) as the Indian Ocean contingency carrier on 16 April 1979. Midway and her escort ships continued a considerable American naval presence in the oil-producing area of the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf. On 18 November, she arrived in the northern part of the Arabian Sea in connection with the continuing hostage crisis in Iran. Militant followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who had come to energy following the overthrow of the Shah, seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on four November and held 63 U.S. citizens hostage. Midway was joined 21 November by Kitty Hawk (CV-63), and both carriers, along with their escort ships, had been joined by the Nimitz (CVN-68) and her escorts on 22 January 1980. Midway was relieved by Coral Sea (CV-43) on 5 February.

Following a period in Yokosuka, Midway relieved Coral Sea 30 May 1980 on standby south of the Cheju-Do Islands in the Sea of Japan following the possible of civil unrest in the Republic of Korea. While transiting the passage in between Palawan Island of the Philippines and the coast of Northern Borneo on July 29, Midway collided with the Panamanian merchant ship Cactus. The Cactus was 450 nautical miles (830 km) southwest of Subic Bay and headed to Singapore. The collision occurred near the liquid oxygen plant and two sailors functioning in the plant have been killed and 3 have been injured. Midway sustained light harm and three F-4 Phantom aircraft parked on the flight deck were also broken.[six] On 17 August, Midway relieved Constellation to start another Indian Ocean deployment and to complement the Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) activity group nevertheless on contingency duty in the Arabian Sea. Midway spent a total of 118 days in the Indian Ocean for the duration of 1980.

On 16 March 1981, an A-6 Intruder from VA-115 aboard Midway sighted a downed civilian helicopter in the South China Sea. Midway immediately dispatched HC-1 Det 2 helicopters to the scene. All 17 folks aboard the downed helicopter have been rescued and brought aboard the carrier. The chartered civilian helicopter was also plucked out of the water and lifted to Midway’s flight deck.

Midway continued serving in the western Pacific throughout the 1980s. In order to alleviate persistent seakeeping problems, Midway received hull blisters in 1986. The modification proved unsuccessful, and actually elevated the vessel’s instability in higher seas.

On 25 March 1986, the final carrier launching of a Navy fleet F-4S Phantom II took location off Midway in the course of flight operations in the East China Sea. The aircraft was manned by pilot Lt. Alan S. &quotMullet&quot Colegrove and radar intercept officer Lt. Gregg &quotIchabod&quot Blankenship of VF-151. Phantoms had been becoming replaced by the new F/A-18 Hornets.

On 30 October 1989 an F/A-18 Hornet aircraft from the Midway mistakenly dropped a 500 pound basic-objective bomb on the deck of USS Reeves for the duration of education workout routines in the Indian Ocean, generating a five-foot hole in the bow, sparking tiny fires, and injuring 5 sailors. Reeves was 32 miles (51 km) south of Diego Garcia at the time of the incident.[7]

Disaster struck the Midway on June 20, 1990. Whilst conducting routine flight operations approximately 125 nautical miles northeast of Japan, the ship was badly damaged by two onboard explosions. These explosions led to a fire that raged more than ten hours. In addition to harm to the ship’s hull, two crew members have been killed and 9 other individuals had been wounded[eight] one of the injured later died of his injuries.[9] All 11 crewmen belonged to an elite fire-fighting group recognized as the Flying Squad. When Midway entered Yokosuka Harbor the next day, 12 Japanese media helicopters flew in circles and hovered about 150 feet above the flight deck. 3 bus loads of reporters have been waiting on the pier. About 30 minutes after Midway cast its 1st line, much more than one hundred international print and electronic journalists charged over the brow to cover the occasion. The news media produced a major situation out of the incident, as it occurred amid other military accidents. It was believed that the accident would lead to the ship’s instant retirement due to her age.

Die casting

Image by revdode
Filling the machine for molding.

Image from page 292 of “How to paint : an instruction book with complete description of all the materials necessary.” (1894)

Image by World wide web Archive Book Pictures
Identifier: howtopaintinstru00asal
Title: How to paint : an instruction book with complete description of all the components needed.
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: A.S. Aloe Firm.
Subjects: Artists’ supplies–Catalogs Painting–Method Fountain pens–Catalogs Pyrography–Gear and supplies–Catalogs China painting–Equipment and supplies–Catalogs Trade catalogs–Artists’ supplies Trade catalogs–Fountain pens Trade catalogs–Pyrography–Gear and supplies Trade catalogs–China painting–Equipment and supplies.
Publisher: A.S. Aloe Firm, St. Louis
Contributing Library: Winterthur Museum Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation

View Book Web page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Photos From Book

Click right here to view book on the internet to see this illustration in context in a browseable on the internet version of this book.

Text Appearing Just before Image:
de Milo 7 00 Venus de Milo two 50 Venus de Milo 1 25 Diana 6 00 Ilei!ht 3008 23-in. 3009 14 3010 28 soil 23 3012 14 3013 26 3014 26 3015 27 3016 14 3017 26 3018 33 3019 27 3020 30 3021 27 3022 30 3023 30 3024 20 3025 18 3026 18 3027 18 3028 24 3029 21i 3020 13 3021 20 3022 20 3023 16 BUSTS. Price. Diana 50 Diana 1 25 Clytie five 00 Clytie 2 60 Clylie 1 25 Sabina 4 00 Eve four 00 Venus de Medici 4 00 Venus de Medici 1 25 Niobe Daughter 3 00 Niobe Mother six 00 Psyche, from Museum of Naples six 00 Michael Angelo four 00 Antinous six 00 Bacchus 6 00 Raphael Urbino 4 00 Young Augustus 2 00 Cupids, by Fiamingo 2 00 St. Florence two 00 Greek Idol 2 00 Paris two 50 Hermes 3 00 Bacchus 1 00 Fisher Boy two 50 Fisher Girl 2 50 Demosthenes 1 28 HOW TO PAINT. 285 PLASTER CASTS—Continued. Size. 3034 18×10 in 3035 18×10 3036 18×10 3037 18×10 3038 18×10 3039 14×10 3040 14×10 3041 18×10 3043 24x 7 3043 24×10 • 3044 9×12 ■ 3045 9×12 ■• 304G 12×16 3047 17×14 3048 18×10 3049 18×10 3050 30 3051 19 3063 233053 16

Text Appearing Soon after Image:
PANELS AND MASKS. Tulips n 00 Pomegranates 1 00 Peaches and Plums… 1 00 Pears ] 00 Poppy and Pansy 1 00 Figs 1 00 Lemons 1 00 Oranges 1 00 Quinces 1 00 Pairs Stork each, 1 00 Pairs Owls every single, 1 00 Roses and Carnation 75 Roses and Daisies 7.5 Homer 1 00 Crescent 1 50 Rabbit and Bird 1 00 Duck, Fish and Crab.. 1 00Mask of Moses, by M. Angelo 2 50 Mask of Alexander, colossal two 00 Mask of Minerva 1 50 Mask of Julius de Medici 1 25 ll.ight. 30o4 19-in. 3065 15 3056 15 3067 15 3058 15 3059 15 • 3060 15 • 3061 14,! 3062 14 ■ 3063 14 3064 1!] • 3065 14 3066 13 11 3068 13^ 3069 10 3070 14 3071 14×2(1 3072 14-in. 3073 15 3074 15 3075 10 3076 13 Price tag.Mask of Apollo Belvi- dere «1 25 Slave, by M. Angelo 1 50 Mask Venus de Milo 1 00 Mask Aurora 1 00 Mask Vittellus 1 00 Mask Diana 1 00 Mask Niobe 1 00 Mask Spartacus 1 00 Mask St. Francis 1 00 MaskAchiles 1 00 Mask Venus at Bath 1 00 Mask Martins 1 00 Mask Dying Gladiator… 1 00Mask Young Augustus… 1 00Mask Laughing Venus .. 1 00Mask

Note About Images
Please note that these photos are extracted from scanned page photos that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations might not completely resemble the original perform.


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