US Military Programs Address GPS Loss, Degradation

US Military Applications Address GPS Loss, Degradation
&quotRussia and China are our most stressing competitors,&quot he said quoting Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, &quotand they have created and continue to advance military systems that threaten our positive aspects in particular places, and in some instances they are …
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Automation Brings Manufacturing Back House
Chinese firms aim to replace workers wholesale in manufacturing, even going so far as to launch the planet&#39s initial completely automated factory, a Changying Precision Technology plant in Dongguan that produces mobile phone elements. In the U.S., however …
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Shapeways CEO: We are at Early Days in 3D Printing Technology, Digital
Ahead of his keynote yesterday, Weijmarshausen took the time to chat with me for a even though about Shapeways as well as about what he sees as driving the future of 3D printing, a subject he expanded upon in his keynote, &#39Digital Manufacturing and the Next …
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New material for GE Aviation a play for the future
The GE division estimates it has spent much more than $ 1.5 billion in the last decade to bring a range of elements produced with a ceramic-sort material to marketplace. And it has to deliver results quickly. Engines with these … Of the thousands of components …
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