Second Maker Art Class at the Lycée Français

Some cool china prototyping photos:

Second Maker Art Class at the Lycée Français
china prototyping
Image by fabola
In our second maker art class at the Lycée Français in Sausalito, we invited youngsters to decorate their Chinese New Year Wonderbox. We showed them videos of the wonderboxes we created for the ‘Pataphysical Slot Machine, then invited them to style their personal. They picked a color wallpaper, chinese zodiac wheel, jewels and art objects, then attached them to their boxes — and added the LED paper lantern they had produced the prior week. They created some quite original scenes, as you can see in our show &amp inform images.

The students completed their tasks effectively and continued to get pleasure from themselves. Next week, they will commence operating on their animal characters, primarily based on the Chinese Zodiac. They will add LEDs for the eyes, and a motor to make them move, then will decorate them and install them in their boxes in coming weeks. We are now laser-cutting the animals out of maple wood, to give them a framework to start with. You can adhere to our progress in this private album, which is only offered to parents, children and staff involved in this class.

I am very grateful to my friend Cynthia Gilbert for joining me as a volunteer to help teach this course in the subsequent 6 months: it makes a large distinction to have her in the classroom, so she can help students construct their boxes. Heartfelt thanks as effectively to my wife Phyllis for preparing the gorgeous art supplies for this class, to Geo Monley for letting me use his laser cutter, to Tara Brown at Kithub for supplying the electronic parts — and to my pataphysical buddies Howard, Jean, Natalina and Mark for prototyping our first batch of animals. Merci, les amis!

I am actually enjoying teaching this class how to produce their own interactive art with electronics. It is a curious and talented group, and they look motivated to combine art and technologies to bring their wonderboxes to life. I appear forward to our subsequent measures collectively.


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