Micro3D Printer

Check out these fast prototyping images:

Micro3D Printer
fast prototyping
Image by kjarrett
Moved my Micro 3D off the dining room table and into my basement computer lab, connected to a single of my ‘spare’ PCs. This warranty replacement printer (wonderful support by M3D BTW) has been a real workhorse, printing with no error or complaint. Certain appears like a keeper. It’s exactly what I wanted: an effortless, dependable, reasonably quickly and great high quality small 3D prototyping machine. Best for !

Prototyping Organization Cards
fast prototyping
Image by eekim
Day 176 of 2015. About a year ago, it struck me that I may well require company cards. However, I did not want to just go by means of the motions, specially since smartphones are, in several techniques, rendering conventional enterprise cards irrelevant. I wanted to be truly thoughtful about what my ambitions had been and how I could creatively achieve them.

As usual, I turned to my pal and extended-time design partner, Amy Wu, for help. We’ve been playing with concepts off and on for the greater portion of the year, but with a conference coming up subsequent week, I decided it was time to kick things into second gear.

We went by means of a quantity of iterations and prototypes just before finally settling on the present idea, which I will be testing with people subsequent week. We’ll then take what we understand and go via one more set of iterations.

It really is an intense procedure, but it’s super entertaining, and I’ve currently spent far more time than I care to admit fondling these prototypes. Excited to begin providing them to people and seeing what we find out! When this procedure is complete, I’ll write up the whole saga.


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