GB 8624-1997 normal fireproof components – refractory – Precision Fasteners – CNC Machining Parts

GB 8624-1997 requirements for fire prevention materials

Common variety Normal Name (English) Normal No. Standard Issued Release Date Common

Date Standards Common text Foreword This standard is GB8624-88 revision. Non-equivalent in technical content material, utilizing the German standard

DIN4102-81 Component. The revision, compared with the GB8624-88, the addition of A-level composite (sandwich) supplies, and according to my

Nation-particular circumstances, an enhance of the certain uses of flooring, curtains and curtain variety textiles, wire and cable casing

Class plastic supplies and pipe insulation foam employed specified. If the specific use of supplies as

Wall or ceiling supplies used, nevertheless should be Chapter 4 of the normal provisions of Chapter 5 of the inspection and grading.

This standard from the efficient date of the original GB8624-88 shall be invalid. The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Public Security

This normal is raised. This common by the National Fire Protection Standardization Technology Committee Sub-Committee under the jurisdiction of the seventh.

The standard Ministry of Public Safety of Sichuan Fire Research Institute is accountable for drafting.

Main drafters of this normal: Qian Jianmin, Ma Xianglin, Lu National Development.

The normal initial released in February 1988.

The People’s Republic of China national standard

GB 8624-1997 Classification flammability of creating supplies

Instead of GB 8624-88 Classification on burning behaviour for developing supplies

1 Subject Matter and Scope This normal specifies the combustion properties of materials evaluation and classification standards.

This common applies to all kinds of industrial and civil engineering structures used in a assortment of decorative materials and gear

Repair components. two Normative references Following requirements contain provisions which, by means of reference in this regular, constitute the standard provisions. The normal

Time of publication, the editions indicated had been valid. All requirements are topic to revision, the parties need to discover the normal so that

With the possibility of the most recent version of the following criteria.

GB/T2406-93 Test technique for flammability of plastic oxygen index

GB/T2408-80 Test approach for flammability of plastic the level of combustion

GB/T4609-84 Test technique for flammability of plastic vertical burning

GB/T5454-85 burning properties of textile fabrics Determination of oxygen index

GB/T5455-85 Determination of vertical flame retardant textile fabrics technique

GB/T5464-85 not flammable building materials test methods

GB/T8332-87 foam combustion behavior of horizontal combustion

GB/T8333-87 challenging foam combustion vertical burning test strategies

GB/T8625-88 flammability for building materials test approach

GB/T8626-88 materials flammability test strategies

GB/T8627-88 combustion or decomposition of materials test methods for smoke density

GB/T8629-88 test used in the family textile washing and drying procedures

GB/T11785-89 paving Crucial Radiant Flux from a radiant heat source technique

GB/T14402-93 Test technique of heat burning constructing supplies

GB/T14403-93 combustion heat test techniques for constructing materials

three level of flammability of constructing components and name

Level of flammability of constructing components and names in Table 1.

Table 1 Combustion level and name

-Level name A noncombustible components B1 flame retardant supplies B2 combustible materials B3 flammable supplies Bureau of Technical Supervision 1997-04-04 1997-10-01 authorized the implementation of

GB 8624-1997 4 non-combustible type material (A Grade)

four.1 A homogeneous material level

By GB/T5464 test, the fuel properties to be accomplished:

A) the furnace typical temperature rise of not much more than 50

B) the sample continued to burn an average of no a lot more than 20s

C) The typical mass loss rate of the sample does not exceed 50%.

four.2 A class of composite (Sandwich) materials

Meet the following requirements of the material, its combustion properties as A-level.

A) by GB/T8625 testing, every single specimen, the average remaining length of 35cm (including any of the specimens

The remaining length of&gt 20cm), and the average gas temperature of every single test peak 125 , the sample on the back with out any fuel

Burning phenomenon B) by GB/T8627 test, the smoke density rating (SDR) 15

C) by GB/T14402 and GB/T14403 test, its thermal worth four.2MJ/kg, and specimen

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