Copycad In Reverse Engineering

As a implies of sophisticated solution style, reverse engineering in China are now far more and much more significance in enterprises, reverse technologies, consideration of a lot more and much more broadly. Reverse Engineering (Reverse Engineering) project idea: By way of the existing solution model three-dimensional digital scanning, to obtain the solution model of the surface contour of the point cloud data, the point cloud data processed by specialized software program and ultimately the formation of three-dimensional mathematical model for item re-design and CNC machining and structural analysis. It is diverse from our usual two-dimensional sketches by the 3-dimensional model of design to design and then to processing or rapid prototyping of design and style suggestions, so it is not primarily based on strong mathematical model of design.

Reverse engineering is broadly used in aerospace, automotive, mechanical, electronic and mold, toys, medicine, footwear and other industries, its application mainly in the following regions:

1. The design and style of new components, mainly employed for imitation items, modifications or style.

two. Has been portion of the copy, reproduction of the original product’s design intent, information management and archiving.

3. Components directly from current merchandise to rapidly create STL models for rapid prototyping (RPM) or mold design and style.

4. Digital model of the testing, deformation analysis, finite element analysis, as well as comparison with the original style model.

5. To restore broken or worn parts and repair.

Nonetheless, as the types of emerging technologies, a lot of enterprises on the reverse engineering does not realize that as long as three-dimensional measurement or scanning equipment, a common

CAD  Software can reverse the work. In reality, this is not enough, in the reverse engineering of the application approach there are numerous other common reverse computer software and CAD software program can not be achieved in the difficult, reverse reverse need to have a skilled computer software and method understanding to full such a complicated excellent operate.

Skilled reverse software program relative to the common benefit of the application:

1. On the measured information for optimization and editing capabilities

 : Since there are several measurement devices can give scanning, so reverse the software essential to read the vast majority of devices have generated a distinct point cloud data format capabilities. At the same time as the number of point cloud is extremely large, usually many hundred thousand to tens of millions, or billions of points require to be addressed, which demands the software program to reverse such a massive amount of point cloud information with efficient computing, editing capabilities. With the premise of ensuring the top quality of surface optimization to reduce the quantity of point clouds, ruled out the functions of dead pixels. As the model also tested diverse geometry and various gear, different measurement purposes to figure out the measurement process and the diverse measurement techniques. This calls for that reverse software can have these diverse classification capacity.

2. To Triangle model optimization and editing capabilities:

 As the measuring device accuracy is not high, the low top quality of measurement information, measurement models such as defective or broken for different causes, tend to cause the resulting STL model have several holes and gaps, which want to reverse the computer software with powerful editing STL model and optimization of processing power, can be created inside the tolerance allowed repair, smoothing triangulated surfaces. It ought to also have the Boolean operation on STL model and design and style model, constant with the style of the STL model generated, as a result unnecessary to convert the surface model for other CAM mold design and style or processing computer software can read the question, because it will significantly increased workload and reduced efficiency.

3. Challenging to use surface fairing, capabilities and powerful:

 As the reverse of the solution are frequently much more complicated goods, surface structure is complicated, frequently need to create to B-Spline or NURBS surface primarily based on surface, and the need for numerous surface tailoring, stitching, rounding, smoothing and other editing As a result, smoothing the surface and the potential to create strict, and most computer software can only reverse into a curve point cloud processing, and then switch to other CAD software program utilizing curves generated surface dimensions of the way, this way of producing a single, heavy workload encounter complicated body of perform is very difficult items, but also straightforward to cause large deformation, which makes the formation of surface depends largely on the experience of engineers.

4. Program integration troubles with other computer software:

 Since a lot of CAD / CAM computer software does not reverse the function, although the common reverse the application does not have robust surface editing capabilities and assembly, the drawing function, it is required to reverse mixture of application and cad software to complete the reverse, and this is on the need to reverse the method of frequent information format will be different in diverse computer software to convert each and every other, this will certainly result in the loss qualities of the data file and might even damage the information file, and also makes the operate a lot more tedious perform and decreased efficiency .

Address the dilemma, DELCAM skilled organization gives a full reverse engineering solution.

DELCAM is the world’s leading CAD / CAM computer software suppliers, 5 key application:

PowerSHAPE, PowerMILL, CopyCAD, PowerINSPECT, ArtCAM  Range from 3-dimensional item style, CNC machining, quality handle and reverse the procedure of design integrity. For reverse engineering, Delcam computer software answer see the following figure:

1st, by measuring the equipment or scanning equipment to the existing 3-dimensional model of the scanned point cloud information into Copycad in reading. In Copycad the 1 hand can produce triangular facets of the STL model, the output STL model to

Rapid Prototyping Gear For rapid prototyping, or output to the PowerSHAPE for mold style, you can output to PowerMILL for machining. On the other hand can be generated in Copycad surface, 3-dimensional output to PowerSHAPE design and style, assemble, mold style and a two-dimensional drawings. Although Copycad can also be a prototype 3-dimensional CAD model of a comparative analysis of output error evaluation. Comparison of design and style defects in the production method and deformation.

Reverse the world’s major software program, CopyCAD reverse the course of their function places with the following attributes:

1. Dealing with point cloud information:

CopyCAD input and output with a friendly interface, supports several formats of the point cloud information study. In addition to generic ASCII, IGES and the NC and other regular formats, but also for different scanning equipment certain data format.

The input point cloud information, CopyCAD for distinct measuring apparatus and supply

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