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The name Butterball was initially registered as trademark #378,438 on June 11, 1940 by Ada Walker of Wyoming, Ohio. Leo Peters purchased the trademark in February 1951. Leo Peters licensed the name to Swift and Co. for 10 years prior to selling it in the 60’s. Peters sold the name “Butterball” to Swift and Co. which was later acquired by ConAgra, but retained rights to the use of the name for his butter products and the firm he founded which is still in operation today, known as Butterball Farms, Inc.
In October 2006, ConAgra’s Butterball branded turkey organization was sold to North Carolina primarily based Carolina Turkeys, which renamed itself Butterball LLC.
Turkey Talk-Line
Beginning in late 1981, Butterball has maintained a toll-free of charge telephone line known as the Turkey Speak-Line to assist buyers with numerous cooking difficulties and questions. Eleven thousand individuals known as in 1981, and in recent years the quantity has grown to more than 200,000 each and every vacation season. Every of the operators holds a degree in either dietetics or residence economics, roughly half of which are Masters-level. The most frequent question asked is how lengthy a turkey requires to defrost.
In The West Wing episode “The Indians in the Lobby”, President Josiah Bartlet calls the number (referred to as the “Butterball Hotline” in the script) to discuss stuffing and cooking his Thanksgiving turkey.
An undercover PETA video investigation released in July 2006 showed Butterball personnel beating and inhumanely killing turkeys.
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Butterball, LLC – Turkey Purveyor
Butterball Farms, Inc. – Butter Purveyor
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