Red Arrows

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Red Arrows
precision engineering services
Image by afaloon
Airbourne is proud to welcome back the RAF Aerobatic Group, the Red Arrows, one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams. 2014 marks a special year for the group who will be celebrating their 50th show season.

With a trademark mixture of close formations and precision flying, the Red Arrows have been displaying considering that 1965 and is made up of a team of 120 men and women like pilots, engineers and assistance staff. They represent the speed, agility and precision of the Royal Air Force and the public face of the service, assist in recruiting to the Armed Forces and act as ambassadors for the United Kingdom advertising the very best of British.

A lot of of the present pilots were initial inspired to pursue a career in the military and join the Royal Air Force right after watching the Group in the sky as kids.

To apply for selection to the Red Arrows, pilots need to:
* Have at least 1,500 rapidly jet flying hours
* Have completed a frontline tour
* Be assessed as above average in their flying role

The Red Arrows are renowned for the visual effect of their red, white and blue smoke trails. Smoke also plays an important flight security role also allowing the pilots to judge wind speed and path – enabling them to find other aircraft when different sections of the Team’s formations are a number of miles apart.

Aircraft Specifications

Height: 4m
Length: 11.85m
Wingspan: 9.39m

Maximum speed: 622mph

Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 861 turbofan

Lumps of Clay – portion three of 4
precision engineering services
Image by andrewtoskin
a photo comic

words by Andrew Toskin writing as Niccolo Florence

photography by hikaru starr

People have been worrying also considerably about ebola. How long till you catch kids?

Copyright 2014. This operate is published under a Inventive Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4. International License. Meaning basically that you are totally free to copy and share this work — supplied you credit us as the source — but not sell it. We are open to the concept of allowing industrial use, even though just ask us very first. Reposts and remixes of this perform should attribute Niccolo Florence and hikaru starr, and link to

Text and images were composited with GIMP. Full-size JPEGs are here on Flickr.
You’ll also discover the existing supply files, plus different exported file formats at
the Web Archive.

Here’s the original comic script:

Panel 1: HIK_4769 edit.JPG — silhouetted family members on the
beach, with pier and sunset.

@Title and Byline
&gt Lumps of Clay
words by Niccolo Florence
photography by hikaru starr

caption: I am no one’s father. (But?)

Panel 2: IMG_0587.jpg — extreme close-up on infant Ema’s face.

caption: But unless or until I succumb, it is my duty
to warn you that *children are hazardous.* Stay away
from them anytime feasible.

Panel 3: img_0811.jpg — Ema in a green hoodie in front of
100 dangling wooden placards.

caption: If you hear any pals or sexual partners talk about
how their “biological clocks are ticking,” leave the region
and wash your hands. If they *bring* any youngsters with them,
instantly evacuate all childless adults from the vicinity
and notify the nearby authorities.

Panel 4: IMG_8976.jpg — Ema peeking around the bole of a
tree, with a creepy statue in the background.

caption: Most people are aware of the troubles children
can cause, but a lot of do not understand the full extent
of the danger, and so do not take adequate
precautions. Fortunately, young children do come with a quantity
of warning indicators to ward off potential adult

Panel 5: img_0276 roppongi edit.jpg — Ema’s face covered in red paint(?)

caption: Some of the greater known examples include the
smells and noise…

Panel 6: HIK_1878.jpg — Ema standing on best of a statue,
seeking down at us.

caption: Much less obvious troubles: They are also
codependent, irrational, evil creatures, unable to
negotiate or delay gratification. Anybody who shares a
household with a youngster for lengthy will slave their days
away to slake ever-altering whims.

Panel 7: IMG_0452.jpg — Ema with a blue onesie more than her
head. Almost certainly the cutest in the set.

caption: Children are precision engineered to brainwash
you into loving them.

Panel eight: DSC_4229.jpg — Ema operating to a seesaw in a park.

caption: They will break your things, and break the
bank, and break your dreams, but nothing at all is worse than
the ways they break your heart.

Panel 9: HIK_4865.jpg — Ema observed through a kaleidoscope.

caption: Youngsters are the most insidious of parasites:
The longer they remain with you, the deeper their
tendrils grow into you, cinching your ribs tighter and
tighter around your lungs, slithering into your
nervous system till you can scarcely believe about
anything else — and then they grow up and leave you.

Panel 10: HIK_0131.jpg — Ema at a shrine, pouring water
more than one particular hand.

caption: And the hole they leave behind just bleeds and

Panel 11: HIK_9941.jpg — Ema wearing an auburn wig.

caption: This is the worst part of all, one thing that
even most in-patients who have tested constructive for
youngsters might not understand for years.

Panel 12: HIK_9841.jpg — black and white Ema holding her
hand up to block the camera.

caption: Because you and your child will drive each
other crazy. *Someone’s* life is receiving ruined, and
you will be terrified that it will not be yours.

caption: You’ll get in a stupid fight about making the bed or
some thing and you’ll each begin screaming and throwing
issues, and subsequent issue you know it hits me that I’m
becoming my mother, I’m perpetuating the cycle.

Panel 13: HIK_9310.jpg — Sick Ema in jacket and face mask.

caption: Children are so fragile, so malleable. Soft
lumps of clay that mold to the contours of your hand
no matter how you attempt *not* to mold them.

caption: Following all my blunders, will she be okay? Will
she develop up all right?

Panel 14: IMG_0567.jpg — singer with guitar and mic.

caption: Could the way she sings in the bathroom be a
sign that she’ll develop up to be a musician?

Panel 15: IMG_8976.JPG — A dancer.

caption: A dancer?

Panel 16: _HIK8727_014-two.jpg — model leaning over glass and handrail.

Panel 17: HIK_5078 raw edit.JPG — kabuki(?) performer on stage.

caption: Some kind of artist, surely.

Panel 18: HIK_1095.jpg — Ema, facing away from the camera.

caption: …Will she be pleased?

Panel 19: Huge, full-web page shot. HIK_5285.JPG — Mysterious portrait of Ema
in a hat and daisy dress at night, looking straight into the camera.

caption: …She isn’t even my daughter. I’ve only met
her once. Yet I currently love her so significantly it hurts. I
be concerned obtaining a kid of my own would *destroy* me.



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