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The traditional sources of stream length printing industry

In the very first “country” Font Size “Gold Card” started, Longgang town to show the world they had just won a “country” Font Size “gold card “—- China Printing City. Longgang town committee secretary Liang Shisheng stated: “The city from farmers to print the city, marking the Longgang’s improvement has entered a new phase, to find a commence point of new improvement.”

Wenzhou Printing has gone through centuries of ups and downs. According to the neighborhood men and women told reporters that: “As early as 1895, Ryan, who Han Lee West, Lee Messina brothers to lithography planes into the hands of Wenzhou, in the Ryan set up outdoors the neighborhood Temple, printing, right after which letterpress printing tactics and casting methods have pass the word into the Wenzhou. “to early 1949, a total of Wenzhou printer (shops) and far more than 40, all kinds of printing equipment, about 110 units, employing about 190 people formed a specific scale and influence. Right after the reform and opening up, Wenzhou, non-public financial structure of the printing enterprise mushroomed initial emerged. At present, the printing sector in Wenzhou City, the country’s total output worth of 4.5%.

Multi-brand to attract investment in

At present, Longgang town of “China Printing City” this gold card for the new development starting points in the printing market to attain more quickly development and higher expansion, another advantage of the improvement of new Longgang. Longgang town mayor, said Tang Baolin, use the “construction zone, adjusting the structure, playing brand, innovation, grasping the environment” such as the five “tricks” to speed up the printing qualities of industrial improvement. At present, an area of five square kilometers in the printing market base is arranging to construct them.

It is understood that Maotai, Pierre Cardin, clean, L’Oreal, Aokang, BAOXINIAO branded merchandise such as packaging and printing are all derived from Longgang, which makes the “China Printing City” brand has already begun to play. “Not only the concentration of Longgang into printing businesses print Town, and is the industry’s very best investment environment in print the city.” Longgang town proposed a new slogan.

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